Unable to uninstall an Add-In from the Visual Studio IDE



Unable to uninstall an Add-In from the Menu option from the Visual Studio IDE

The Add-in does not even show in the Add-in Manager




To resolved this issue you can try the following steps :


– Go to C:/Program Files folder and delete the folder with the name of Add-In

– We can try doing a reset settings from Tools/Import and Export Settings

– We can go to Tools/Environment / Add-in-Macros Security option and then uncheck Allow Add-in components to load

– We can also go to Tools/ Customize option and search for the name of that Add-In in the Toolbar list and if you find it there you can uncheck it

– Open a New project

– Right click on “Toolbox” button on the left side and clicked on “Choose Item”

– Search for Add-In name in the list

– If not found then do a RESET for Toolbox

– Then close Visual Studio IDE and reopened it and the toolbar should be gone

– If still facing issue you can try devenv /resetuserdata or devenv /resetsettings or devenv /setup


Content by:  Amit Sharma

Reviewed by : Soumitra Mondal

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