While downloading from MSDN subscription site, we get an error "Failed to initiate the download"

Unable to download files from MSDN subscription download site and getting an error :


“Failed to initiate the download.


An Error Has Occurred


There was an error while trying to download the requested file and we cannot progress your request.


You can try to:

. Close your browser and retry the operation again in a few minutes

. Contact Support

. Read the On-Line Self Help


Reference Id: 1887F712


This error has been logged with the reference number voted above. Please use this reference number if you contact support.”


Workarounds/ Resolution


-          Close Internet Explorer and then reopen it and try again

-          You can try clearing Temporary Internet files and History and close IE and then try the download

-          Check in Add/Remove programs if  File Transfer Manager is installed or not. If installed uninstall it and then try again that should work

-          This mostly can be an issue with Internet Explorer so we can either Repair / Re-install Internet Explorer

-          In my case there was an issue with Internet Explorer 8.0

-          Another possible resolution can be to use a third party browser like Firefox or Safari  


Content by : Amit Sharma


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