While downloading from MSDN subscription site, we get an error "Failed to initiate the download"

Unable to download files from MSDN subscription download site and getting an error :


“Failed to initiate the download.


An Error Has Occurred


There was an error while trying to download the requested file and we cannot progress your request.


You can try to:

. Close your browser and retry the operation again in a few minutes

. Contact Support

. Read the On-Line Self Help


Reference Id: 1887F712


This error has been logged with the reference number voted above. Please use this reference number if you contact support.”


Workarounds/ Resolution


          Close Internet Explorer and then reopen it and try again

          You can try clearing Temporary Internet files and History and close IE and then try the download

          Check in Add/Remove programs if  File Transfer Manager is installed or not. If installed uninstall it and then try again that should work

          This mostly can be an issue with Internet Explorer so we can either Repair / Re-install Internet Explorer

          In my case there was an issue with Internet Explorer 8.0

          Another possible resolution can be to use a third party browser like Firefox or Safari  


Content by : Amit Sharma


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