Customizing Context Menus

I’ve been getting this question a lot in the past few weeks, so I’ve decided this would make a quick blog post.  In Visual Studio 2005, we’ve added the ability to customize many of the context menus that you see in the product.  Here’s how: Go To Tools.Customize.  On the Toolbars Tab, check “Shortcut Menus”.  You…


Guidelines – a hidden feature for the Visual Studio Editor

Guidelines are visible column indicators for the VS Editor.  For more info on how to enable them, check out   Thanks, -sara


I’ve moved to the team!

Hi VSEditor readers,   I’m Sara Ford.  I’ve been at Microsoft and on the Visual Studio testing team for 3 years now.  I just moved to the Editor / Code Navigation team from the Core IDE team where I’ve owned Window Management.  I’m going to be testing the Editor as my new feature area ownership. …


New Hire Introduction

Hi everyone, My name is Dylan Lingelbach and I am a new hire working in the Editor group.  I am just getting my feet wet right now, so I don’t have an area I own just yet, but I am starting to get experience in a few different areas of the editor.  I am looking…


A nifty regular expression for replacing XML syntax

Someone recently asked me a regular expression query and I thought it was interesting and post it as an example here.  They wanted to find all occurances of the following style of XML: <foobar>       < property = “blah” /> </foobar> And they wanted to replace all of the above into one string <foobar property =…


Reminder: The VS Editor Team Chat is Today

Join members of the Microsoft Editor and Code Navigation team today @ 11:00am Pacific in an online chat to discuss Visual Studio 2005 editor features, provide us feedback about the Beta version and get answers to your questions. Chat room: Thanks,Sean Laberee


Making the Code Definition Window Editable

I’d like to get your feedback on a design change that we are implementing for the Beta 2 release of VS 2005.  In Beta 1, we introduced the Code Definition Window for the C#, J# and VC languages.  The current view is a read-only view of the definition of the current symbol that is selected…


Upcoming Editor Chat on July 28

The Editor team is having a chat next week and we hope that you can make it.  Here are the details: Visual Studio 2005 Editor FeaturesVisual Studio 2005 has added many features to Core Editor, including Code Snippets, Smart Tags, Brief/Emacs Emulations, and more. There are also new navigation features such as the Code Definition…


Build Comment Web Pages in VS 2003 and Windows XP SP2

If you use documentation created by Build Comment Web Pages in Visual Studio 2003, you will experience problems viewing the documentation after upgrading to Windows XP SP2.  Currently, you can download the release candidate for testing purposes here:  The service pack includes numerous fixes to improve the overall security of Windows and Internet Explorer. …


Code Snippet – Schema Description

I’m working on posting the XSD and will update this post to link to it once I’ve found a place that I can put it.  CodeSnippet The <CodeSnippet> tag is the root element for the schema.  It has a format attribute which specifies the schema version/format of the codesnippet.  Whidbey will attempt to process any…