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In an effort to help more people get started with Editor extensibility quickly and easily, we’ve recently posted some new code samples on the VS 2010 Editor.  Each of the links below will take you to a sample, complete with description, instructions, and a download of all the code you need.

  • ToDo Glyphs:  Adds a visual glyph for ToDo items in a file

  • Hyperlink:  Enables Ctrl+click navigation to hyperlinks

  • Diff Classifier:  Provides syntax highlighting for diff/patch files

  • Highlight Word:  Uses tagging and adornments to highlight all occurrences of the word under the caret

  • Caret Fish Eye:  Transforms the text in the editor so it appears larger around your caret and smaller elsewhere

Screenshot from the RegEx Editor ExtensionDemo Dashboard ExtensionScreenshot from the IntelliSense Presenter Extension

There’s also source code available for the RegEx Editor, Demo Dashboard, IntelliSense Presenter, and Image Insertion extensions, as seen on the Visual Studio Gallery and in the Extension Manager, so you can see how we implemented them 🙂  You can find all of these and a variety of samples from other teams at the VSX sample homepage – check back periodically because we’ll continue to add new content from now to the final release of VS 2010.


We’ve also heard some feedback that you want more documentation, so here it is:  Beta1 Editor documentation.  You’ll find walkthroughs on extensibility, help with MEF, a list of extension points, and more.  It’s a great place to get started.


You can always get in touch with the Editor team by commenting on this blog, posting in our Beta1 feedback forums, or e-mailing us directly.  Now there’s one more way to get Editor news and keep in touch with the Editor team:  follow @vseditor on Twitter!  We’re new to Twitter but are already tweeting about new samples, documentation, news, and all things Editor, so check us out!

Brittany Behrens
Program Manager, VS Platform Team

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