Tabs, Backspace, Delete and other commands not working in the editor

Several people have been reporting problems on MSDN Product Feedback with Visual Studio Beta 2 in which the Editor stops responding to most commands but still allows typing.  The good news is that we have identified a fix for the issue, we know how to prevent it and how to get out of the state when it happens.    The problem stems from auto-hiding tool windows stealing focus from the editor without actually popping up.  To avoid the issue, try not set tool windows to Auto-hide.  If you do happen to run into this issue despite the previous advice, then the easiest way to get out of the situation is to activate the tool window by clicking on the tab and then clicking the X in the top right hand corner to close it. 

Sean Laberee
Visual Studio Editor Team

Comments (14)

  1. VSEditor says:

    One of our MVPs just informed me that you don’t have to close the tool window, you can also give it focus, hit Alt+Enter and then give focus back to the editor.

  2. barrkel says:

    It’s caused in other scenarios as well. When plugins try to set focus to the editor, often the "command" focus (the ones that can be bound using Tools | Options | Keyboard) isn’t on the editor, only the "text" focus (the ordinary typed in characters like A-Z, 0-9, symbols etc.) is set on the text editor.

    When you say you have the fix, is it now the case that the two different focuses can never get out of sync again?

  3. VSEditor says:

    Yes, these two should no longer be able to get out of sync.

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