New Hire Introduction

Hi everyone,

My name is Dylan Lingelbach and I am a new hire working in the Editor group.  I am just getting my feet wet right now, so I don't have an area I own just yet, but I am starting to get experience in a few different areas of the editor.  I am looking forward to getting to meet users because, like David, one of my interests is making software easier to develop.  If you have any suggestions please let me know.

I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis this past May.  In addition to studying computer science I also did a joint program in Philosophy/Neuroscience/Psychology.  I am trying to keep up to date on that field as well, so if you ever want to chat about that sort of thing let me know.  My other hobbies include snowboarding, wakeboarding and eating (Not competively ;-)).

Dylan Lingelbach

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  1. I’m using a VSS 6.0 server, and VS 2005 Beta 1 won’t open it as a sourcesafe database. The wizard is requiring a webservice interface which does not exist. How can I get the new IDE to integrate with our existing VSS infrastructure?

    Best regards,

    Jeffrey Palermo

  2. Today’s Tip of the Day comes from Dylan…

    In my short time as a COM programmer, I’ve found that AddRef/Release…

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