Build Comment Web Pages in VS 2003 and Windows XP SP2

If you use documentation created by Build Comment Web Pages in Visual Studio 2003, you will experience problems viewing the documentation after upgrading to Windows XP SP2.  Currently, you can download the release candidate for testing purposes here:  The service pack includes numerous fixes to improve the overall security of Windows and Internet Explorer.  Unfortunately, one fix disallowed a tag that was generated by the Build Comment Web Pages feature. 


The easiest workaround is to use Visual Studio to do a Find and Replace to change the tag in the documentation to one that is accepted by Internet Explorer. 

1. Go to Edit/Find and Replace/Replace in Files
2. In the Find what: type:  <!-- saved from url=(0007)http:// -->
3. In the Replace with type: <!-- saved from url=(0014)about:internet -->
4. Ensure regular expressions is not checked.
5. In the look in type the directory where the web pages are stored.
6. Click Replace All to execute the search.


The tag is that is the problem here is called the “Mark of the Web“.  IE adds the Mark of the Web to web pages that are saved from the internet.  This way IE can detect that the content was originally from the internet zone and it should be treated as such.  In this instance, the page was not saved from the internet but Visual Studio used http:// to force it to the internet zone.  In Windows XP SP2, the IE team did work to tighten up the items which were permissable and http:// was accidentally excluded.  The IE team assures me that the original mark of the web that is generated by VS 2003 does not represent a security risk. 

If you have any questions, please let me know.

-Sean Laberee

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