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My name is Eric Mazurkiewicz and I'm a Tester on the VS Core Editor team, in which I own the testing of the Editor itself.  This includes basic usage of the editor to more advanced features such as code snippets, intellisense, smart tags, bookmarks (and the new bookmark tool window), track changes, etc.  I've been working on the Editor team since the summer of 2002.  I first started out at Microsoft testing Visual SourceSafe, and was part of the team that shipped VSS 6.0 in the summer of 1998.  I then moved to testing Source Code Control Integration (SCCI) within Visual Studio .NET 2002 and part of 2003.  And, I graduated from the University of Washington, in 1996.


Just let us know what topics you would like to know more about, and between everyone on our team, we should be able to help you out.

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  1. Ken Cox [MVP - ASP.NET] says:

    Hi Eric,

    What annoys me is the behaviour of the source editor when I have a long line of VB.NET code. I scroll way to the right and move the mouse in an attempt to edit the last word on the line and suddenly I bounce back to the start of a line. Arrrghh!

    Hmmm…I’ll bet there’s a shortcut that I could use to get to the end of the long line and stay there.

  2. Alex says:

    Yes an extra special hidden one – the ‘End’ key 😉

    You’ll find that works on almost any text editor known to man (well on windows anyway). More useful is that Ctrl+End gets you to the end of the document.

    I guess probably also would to know that ‘home’ gets you to the beginning of the line (or document with Ctrl) again.

  3. Scott says:

    Maybe this feature already exists and I just don’t know about it but I’d like it so that the #region directive remembers whether I last collapsed a section or not.

    In large classes I’d love to always leave sections of code collapsed.



  4. In the Whidbey time frame, we’ve added support to persist your outlining states (collapsed/expanded), which would including presisting your #region directive being collapsed or not. This work should be in the Beta 1 bits, so if you have access to those bits, try it out.

  5. Keith Hill says:

    Saving of #region state is very much appreciated! I just gave a brown bag on VS 2005 B1 where I used regions to hide new features until I was ready to discuss them. It was nice that VS remembered by region states when loading up the solution.

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