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Hi -

My name is Mynor Ivan Muralles.  I am a developer in the Editor/Nav team.  I have worked in different features of Object Browser and Call Browser.

Call Browser is a tool for displaying call graphs.  Given a function or method, Call Browser will tell you:
(1) Methods that call the given method.
(2) Methods that are called by the given method.

There are multiple scenarios where Call Browser is useful.  For example, if you are modifying a method (adding a parameter, changing its semantics, etc...) and you want to know what other methods will be affected by that change, you can use Call Browser to find out those methods and update them accordingly.

Another scenario is if you are trying to understand a new component.  Call Browser can help you view which methods are called from a given method and which methods call the given method.  Seeing this information graphically is very useful.

Hope this helps and please send us any other questions you might have.



Comments (7)

  1. David M. Kean says:

    Call Browser? Is that 2005 only?

  2. Rob Williams says:

    NO its a VC++ only thang :o(

  3. Meghan Perez says:

    Call browser is new to Visual Studio for our upcoming Whidbey release. However, Rob is right in that the only language plugging into it for this version is VC++.

  4. Ivan, this does sound useful. It sure beats coding in a breaking change the code item and then watching to Task window to see where code breakages occur 🙂

    I presume that this feature will be present in all VS language implementations?

  5. Mynor Ivan Muralles says:

    Darren –

    At this moment, VC++ is the only language that will be using Call Browser.



  6. simon geering says:

    Ivan, I think that this is a great tool and something that I know a lot of developers will welcome. I see in one of the above comments that there is no possibility of releasing this for languages other than c++, in the timeframe of the current release of the IDE.

    Is there any chance of an add-in version being available for other languages? As a VS power toy maybe?

  7. Dave L says:

    If you want this functionality now, try Lutz Roeder’s Reflector.

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