A Patch for the November CTP (VS 2005, Standard)

http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/1/6/116F9AB8-BEBE-425D-A81E-0603BCE6DA2E/SmartDeviceProject.msiIf you build a managed VB or C# .NET CF Application using the November CTP and then press F5 or CRTL+F5 to deploy the application, currently it fails to deploy. This patch will enable you to deploy Managed .NET CF Apps successfully. While this patch will unblock users who have been wanting to do Managed Development…


Feb CTP and Device Development

If you are a device developer (or evaluating device development in VS 2005) please continue to use the November CTP for that. Information on November CTP and the patches needed is also in given our blog below. Thanks Amit Chopra  


Platform Verification Task

What is Platform Verification Task? Smart Device development involves writing applications that target a particular device platform. Toolbox filtering, the unsupported control designer and IntelliSense provide design time aid to the developer to add only PMEs (properties/methods/events) supported by the current platform to his application. But in certain scenarios the developer might have written an…


Windows Vista and smart device development

Folks using Beta 2 and later CTPs of Windows Vista for device developers would have run into some rough weather over one or more of the following issues. Rest assured – we’re aware of this (and some of these have already been fixed internally)  and by the time Windows Vista goes gold, the device development…


Accessing Connection Manager through .NET CF

Every so often someone asks on either an internal alias or our public newsgroup about the right way to establish a data connection using the Compact Framework. Most of the time you don’t have to do this since many of the built-in classes will bring up the connection automatically, but sometimes it’s necessary. The API…


Unit Testing for .Net Compact Framework

This blog post should have happened some time ago and the only reason it has taken so long is due to my laziness 🙂 With the recent Visual Studio Orcas CTPs, we are shipping preview bits of one of the biggest features Visual Studio for Devices has to offer for Orcas – unit testing for…


We hit our goals (or, why my hair is pink)

I challeged my feature team a couple of weeks ago to hit their (agressive!) bug goal for 10/15. Much to my hair’s chagrin, they made it. [Author: Neil Enns]


Virtual PC Network Driver

Making Emulator to connect to the Network using Virtual Cradle with Active Sync and without the need for a Virtual Networking Switch Driver. If you recently installed Visual Studio 2005 and see this message as soon as you start the emulator Failed to open the VPC Network Driver. Verify that the driver is installed, or…


CoreCon API – Part 1

VSD is shipping Set of connectivity API which could be used to write remote tools (Remote file viewer etc) kind of Apps. This series of blog is aimed at giving an introduction about the connectivity APIs.   Datastore is a set of XML files on your desktop computer that contains information about the platforms, devices,…