Breakpoints not getting bound/hit sometimes when debugging on Windows Mobile 6

If you're using the new Windows Mobile 6 SDK, you might find that your breakpoints don't get hit anymore when you're debugging a managed application. In this case, check the NetCF version you have installed on the desktop - ensure that it is NetCF V2 *SP1* or above. Note that Windows Mobile 6 has NetCF v2 SP1 pre-installed and the SDK setup asks you to install V2 SP1 on your desktop machine if you didn't have it installed.

The reason you see this behavior is due to a bug which existed in NetCF v2 RTM's icordbg.dll that we have fixed in SP1.


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  1. ratnakumar says:

    i had this issue recently. It was working fine for me so far and all of sudden i see that breakpoints are not hittings. I did the following which resolved the issue

    1. I had compact framework 1.0 which i uninstalled

    2. Re-Installed compact framework 2.0. My current appplication is using cf 2.0

    3. Installed latest updated from microsoft

    It started working. I spent frustrating 6 hours on this issue working around visual studio. My colleague also had same issue. We followed above 3 steps and it started working for him too.

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