Unit Testing for .Net Compact Framework

This blog post should have happened some time ago and the only reason it has taken so long is due to my laziness 🙂

With the recent Visual Studio Orcas CTPs, we are shipping preview bits of one of the biggest features Visual Studio for Devices has to offer for Orcas - unit testing for NetCF applications. 

We would love to get feedback/britbats. Note that these are very, very early bits - so please be gentle :-). Here's how you can try it out. Leave a comment or mail any feedback to sriramk at microsoft.com.


-  Download the CTP

- Make sure your target device or emulator already has NetCF v2 installed. We will *not* deploy it automatically. The easiest way to do this is to simply deploy a v2 project

Steps to run your first device unit test

- Create a NetCF v2 project. Can be anything other than Console Application (we have a bug around Console Applications that will be fixed in the next release)

- On any method, right-click and choose 'Create Unit Tests'

- From the dialog that pops up, choose 'Create a new Smart Device Visual C# Test Project' (or the equivalent VB one). Go ahead and create the test project.

- You should now see a spanking new test project. Go ahead and type in your unit test code. You know you want to 🙂

- Click on Test->Windows->Test Manager. You should see a list of all your unit tests.

- Check 'All Loaded Tests'

- Click on 'Run Checked Tests' (the button with the green arrow)

- Voila! Your tests should run and you'll see the results in the test results window


Sriram Krishnan 

Comments (9)

  1. Nick says:

    Great post – This is a significant step forward for mobile developers.  I’ve made a couple of comments here (http://community.softteq.com/blogs/nick/archive/2006/10/25/207.aspx) and here (http://community.softteq.com/blogs/nick/archive/2006/10/23/197.aspx) about the Orcas CTPs for mobile developers

  2. En otro post ya había comentado la posiblidad de realizar Unit Test para nuestros desarrollos

  3. Smartymobile says:

    Con la salidad de Orcas NUnit será posible en el .NET Compact Framework 2. Puedes descargar la imagen

  4. wmugperu says:

    Con la salidad de Orcas NUnit será posible en el .NET Compact Framework 2. Puedes descargar la imagen…

  5. Bob Li says:

    Visual Studio Orcas为智能设备开发带来一个十分有用的功能,就是可以对NetCF V2应用程序进行单元测试。

  6. Daniel Moth says:

    Visual Studio for Devices features in Orcas

  7. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that we shipped Visual Studio Orcas Beta1

  8. Hola amig@s , Mientras apuro mi última hora de la jornada laboral, instalando VS 2003 para pelearme con

  9. Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware that we shipped Visual Studio Orcas

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