ResultSet and Sql Mobile

I have posted 2 entries on my blog about data development for devices using Visual Studio 2005. A newbie’s guide to device data development and Sql Mobile Getting started with the ResultSet (SqlCeResultSet) If you want to get started on writing data code for devices, go have a look-see -Sriram Krishnan


Virtual Machine Network Driver for Device Emulator

Abhi and Amit had both posted blogs on getting network conenctivity to the Device Emulator. The post described in detail how to setup an Activesync partnership between the DE and Visual Studio and cradle the emulator as a device. We have seen requests lately about using the emulator with transposts other than TCP. To quote,…


Error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol

Error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol int __cdecl CeMountDBVolEx, void * __cdecl CeOpenDatabaseInSession You have created a C++ device project and using the EDB methods from “coredll.lib”. You have included the “windbase_edb.h” file in your projects source files. When you compile and link this you are getting following linker errors error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol “int…


Visual Studio 2005 Device Emulator and internet connectivity

Abhiram Khune has posted a nice long post on the steps to get the device emulator to connect to the Internet. You can find it here [Update: VMNet driver bits are up for download now at ] Sriram Krishnan


Error LNK2019 / error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol Linker errors for Device projects that use MFC and ATL libraries

Hi, I am Gangadhar, a developer in Visual Studio for Devices. In my blog posts I will be dealing with issues related to VSD for Native programming.  Some of you might have hit linker errors while compiling your device projects that use ATL/MFC libraries.   Let me start by explaining why you are seeing these…


Looking for the "latest" version of Active Sync ?

If you have Active Sync 3.8 and are getting the message when using Visual Studio 2005 The current version of ActiveSync is not supported. Install the latest version from and when you go to all you get 3.8 it is due to delay in 4.0 being available on the main download site. There…