FAQ: Where are the remote tools ?

Beta 2 of Visual Studio does include the Remote Tools though they don't show up in the Visual Studio IDE. To get to them go to Start->All Programs->Microsoft Visual Studio Beta 2->Visual Studio Remote Tools and all the Tools are listed there.

You can also add them to the Tools Menu in Visual Studio. This can be done selecting Tools Menu inside Visual Studio, then Selecting External Tools.

In the External Tools Dialog, Select Add. For the new Tool select the ... for Command and browse to <Program Files Folders>CE Remote Tools->5.01->Bin

There are 6 tools listed there and you can select them and add the ones you use the most to the Tools Menu.

Amit Chopra

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  1. So I was scanning through my RSS Aggregator Omea Reader and I saw this and this blog entries. The first is a notification that ActiveSync 3.7 or 3.8 do not work with Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 even though 3.8 is the most recent version of ActiveSync. makes for a hard time deploying and testing mobile solutions from Visual Studio…

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