Feb CTP and Device Development

If you are a device developer (or evaluating device development in VS 2005) please continue to use the November CTP for that. Information on November CTP and the patches needed is also in given our blog below.


Amit Chopra


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  1. David Jones says:

    Situation: Created an x86 CE5 OS with CE 5

    Platform builder..

    Created a catalog component that includes all 4 files required for VS2005 smartdevice deployment and added that prior build.






    Places them all in windows on device.

    Also added .bat file to implement the client command: Conmanclient2.exe /transport:tcpconnectiona.dll /property:port=5655 /id:Con

    Did device configuration from Menu-Tools-Options

    Launched device from CE5 Platform Builder

    – Can connect to device through Menu-Tools-Connect Device

    – Can connect through ce command window

    – Can run client command as above

    – But can’t deploy app

  2. David Jones says:

    The directions I followed were from :http://blogs.msdn.com/vsdteam/

    January 05, 2005

    In the above "Did device config.." was from within VS2005 (Nov), same with last points.

    ie I created a CE5 build deployed and launched on x86 device.

    Then tried to deploy VS2005 Smartdevice app to it from VS2005 (Nov) not using activesynch. (No USB device on target so can’t use activesync, unless I use serial).

  3. David Jones says:

    And.. my VS2005 setup will download and run apps to my mobile phone via activesync. Been through all the fixes there.

  4. aawolf says:

    hi,I install Nov2004 CTP in VPC.OS is Windows Server 2003 Chinese Standard Edition.I replace smartdeviceproject.dll,but it show the same error,"There were deployment errors.Continus?"

    Pls give me some advice.

  5. Edward Xu says:

    Hi David

    Can you please verify 1. "conmanclient2.exe …" launched successfully? (This executable should not return, if launched from the command window).

    2. The network connection to the CEPC device is good. (Try ping the IP address of the CEPC device from your computer)

    3. please let me know what the error message you get when deployment failed?



  6. Edward Xu says:

    For the question related to deployment error on VPC.OS Chinese 2003 Server.

    Can you please verify

    1. You’ve applied all the fixes for Nov. CTP?

    2. Are you trying deploy a managed application or a native application? and what is the target device?



  7. aawolf says:

    Hi Edward:

    1,I install Nov.CTP and smartdeviceproject.dll, Have any fixes?

    2,I deploy a managed app to PPC 2003 SE Emulator.

    3,I use XP SP2 + VPC, still can not deploy.

  8. Edward Xu says:

    What is the error message you get when deployment fails?

    Did you see the Deployment target dialog appears after you deploy solution? (After you hit F5 or select deployment solution, there should be a dialog appears so that you can choose the deployment target)

    Also can you please verify that the device emulator get a Valid IP address? (On the device emulator choose "Start" –> "Settings" –>"Connections" –> "Network cards" and then choose the network adaptor that the emulator is using.)



  9. aawolf says:

    Hi Edward:

    1,I get the error message in Chinese,the mean is "the product setup information is attaint.Please contact with technic support."

    2,Yes,I see the Deployment Dialog after I hit F5.

    3,I use Loopback Adapter,set IP address is "",and emluator’s network card is "NE2000 Compatilble Ethernet Driver",IP address:


    Ma Ning

  10. Edward Xu says:

    Hi Ning

    I think this is a known issue in our Nov. CTP, which should be fixed in Beta 2 build. But in Nov. CTP you can still use device emulator on a Non-VPC machine without Loopback Adaptor being installed.



  11. aawolf says:

    I see,I hope you fix the bug in beta 2.Watting for your beta 2.


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