VS2005 Device Command Shell v0.98 now available

Latest version on: http://www.gotdotnet.com/workspaces/workspace.aspx?id=50618f79-c7b1-4588-9c0a-cf4ddae8092a

Updates Include:
-New standalone CE.EXE version for running outside the VS shell.
-New device-side client (allowing Managed RPC over TCP/IP to the target device/emulator)
-“Dir” command for remote directory listing
-Remote “Soft Reset” of the device
-Enabling/Disabling CoreCon security
-Enabling/Disabling our very cool native JIT debugger
-Enabling/Disabling .NETCF remote debugger attach support
-Enabling/Disabling “Deploy/Debug to Desktop” support (Unsupported in VS2005!)
-Runtime logging support (to help diagnose bugs in DCS)
-DCS is now Multi-threaded (i.e., does not block main VS UI when executing)
-CE RegSvr (support for registering native DLLs)
-CE SetProxy now defaults to host PC proxy settings

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