Visual Studio 2005 and developing for CE based devices

A number of people have been trying to get this information on newsgroups and other means so I thought it would be nice to put a blog to provide an answer to CE support question.

VS2005 will support both Managed (VB,C#) and Native Development (C++) for devices. We support Windows Mobile 2003 and 2003 Second Edition for Pocket PC and Smartphone out of the box and also support development and debugging on CE 5.0 based devices. For customers developing with on previous CE platforms such as 4.1 or 4.2, eVC will continue to remain the recommended development platform.


Amit Chopra


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  1. Alle de Haas says:

    Well, I would have hoped that VS2005 would support PPC 2002 as well as PPC 2003. At the moment it seems that both VS 2003 and 2005 are neccesary. Why can’t that be done?

  2. Jeff Abraham says:

    You seem more oriented towards .NET development, but for the native side of things, it just wouldn’t have been possible to create a good enough user experience for us to be comfortable shipping support for PPC 2002. Windows CE 3.0 (which PPC 2000/2002 are based on) didn’t have support for a number of debugger and language features that we required in order to develop. Taking on these platforms would have meant a tremendous amount of work backporting C Runtime functionality, etc. that we simply couldn’t take the dev and test hit for. There will hopefully be some community support that the team can provide to people who want to build apps that can run on PPC2002, but it’s unlikely that you will ever be able to deploy and debug from within the IDE.

  3. As Jeff says, I assume you’re a .NET CF developer since you have to have both VS .NET 2003 (which only supports managed) + VS 2005.

    If you’re targetting NET CF 1.0 with VS 2005 your app can run on a PPC 2002 device. When we talk about support, we’re primarily talking about the ability to debug and deploy direct from the tool so while you can’t do the debug deploy, your app can certainly be built to run on PPC 2002.

  4. Alle de Haas says:

    Thanks for the clarification.

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