What tools do I need to develop for Pocket PC and Smartphone?

Robert's posted a nice little write-up over at the Windows Mobile blog on the different tools available for developing apps on Pocket PC and Smartphone devices. This is a bit of a tricky subject, since depending on the release of Windows Mobile you're targeting the tools can be quite different. His chart helps clear things up.

If you're looking for download locations for the various tools and SDKs you can find all of them at the Windows Mobile Developer's Center at MSDN. The Tools and Downloads page has direct links for everything Robert mentions.

Of course, the coolest tool on the block is Visual Studio 2005, which includes support for both native and managed Windows Mobile development. If you have a Beta 1 CD from one of our events and haven't given it a try yet please do! Don't forget to submit your feedback using the Product Feedback Center. If you don't have a CD kicking around, or you want the latest and greatest, and you're an MSDN Subscriber you can download the Beta 1 Refresh directly from the Visual Studio site.

[Author: Neil Enns]

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  1. Back when Microsoft invited us up to redmond for the Pocket PC Wireless and Beyond shindig (what might be called Mobius Zero), I suggested that a killer application for the Pocket PC would be a mini webserver with a basic scripting language you could access through Pocket IE (which for me was the killer app in the Pocket PC: it’s a damned good browser given the limitations of the screen) and that provided access to the databases on the machine… as well as your own.

    Do that, and all you’d need to develop for the Pocket PC (and, if you did a good enough job at it, the smartphone) would be a Pocket PC. *And* when it was plugged in through Activesync (though by default ONLY when it was connected to an authorised computer, of course!) you could get to the same scripts on the desktop at "" (if I have the address right).

    Scripting is a killer application (look at what people have done with Hypercard and Applescript on the Mac, and with all the little web scripting languages, and with scripts in Excel… Excel is basically ‘Perl for Accountants’), and at the moment on the Pocket PC it’s all potential.

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