A Patch for the November CTP (VS 2005, Standard)

http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/1/6/116F9AB8-BEBE-425D-A81E-0603BCE6DA2E/SmartDeviceProject.msiIf you build a managed VB or C# .NET CF Application using the November CTP and then press F5 or CRTL+F5 to deploy the application, currently it fails to deploy. This patch will enable you to deploy Managed .NET CF Apps successfully. While this patch will unblock users who have been wanting to do Managed Development…


The November CTP Drop of the Whidbey Standard SKU

The November edition of the Whidbey CTP was made available a few days ago. For those who wanting to use this drop for developing for devices in Native C++, this particular drop did not include the templates / files needed to do device development therefore when you do a new Project for C++, you will…


Jeff’s better off as a developer…

Jeff was quite taken with my pink hair yesterday and decided to show off his artistic skill. This lovely piece of, uh, art, is now on the whiteboard in my office: It’s a good thing Jeff doesn’t draw for a living. [Author: Neil Enns]


My kingdom for a GUID

I’ve never encountered this issue before, but apparently there’s no NewGuid() method in .NET CF v1. Peter Foot, one of our MVPs, has written a little class that will generate a GUID for you with a simple P/Invoke. [Author: Neil Enns]


We hit our goals (or, why my hair is pink)

I challeged my feature team a couple of weeks ago to hit their (agressive!) bug goal for 10/15. Much to my hair’s chagrin, they made it. [Author: Neil Enns]


New mobility articles are up on MSDN

Three new articles on developing for Windows Mobile devices just went live on MSDN. One of them is the first in a series on migrating eVB applications to VB.NET. Architecting Disconnected Mobile Applications Using a Service Oriented ArchitectureThe Windows Mobile platform, which includes Microsoft .NET Compact Framework and Microsoft SQL Server CE, encapsulates the complex…


Visual Studio for Devices Channel9 videos are now online

meet some of the VSD team members at: https://channel9.msdn.com/ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=14 (video titled: “Tour of the Visual Studio for Devices team”). check out some of the neat toys we play with every day at the “Tour of mobile devices with Visual Studio for Devices…” video. [Author: Ori Amiga]  


What tools do I need to develop for Pocket PC and Smartphone?

Robert’s posted a nice little write-up over at the Windows Mobile blog on the different tools available for developing apps on Pocket PC and Smartphone devices. This is a bit of a tricky subject, since depending on the release of Windows Mobile you’re targeting the tools can be quite different. His chart helps clear things…


Forceful home screens on Smartphone devices

Another great question from the Smartphone developer newsgroup today. The gist of it is: “Why does the Smartphone home screen pop in front of my application every 10 minutes, and how can I stop it?” The Smartphone Home screen pops forward after the device hasn’t detected any user input for 10 minutes. (The length of…