SQL Azure Support in Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 supports data connections to SQL Azure, query designing, data manipulation, and data binding operations in your C#/VB applications. Connecting to a SQL Azure Database SQL Azure can be viewed as a subset of SQL Server 2008. Therefore, when you add a SQL Azure data connection inside Visual Studio (using .NET Framework Data…


Deploy your BDC model to a specific BCS Service using Visual Studio 2010

Please read on this blog post if you want to deploy a BDC model to the desired SharePoint BCS service or if you ever run into issues like below… “When deploying a BDC model in Visual Studio 2010, some people may see this error message “… There is no default Business Data Connectivity Service Proxy…


No-Build Experience Enhancement in WCF RIAServices 1.0 RTW

Introduction   In the WCF RIA Services PDC release, Live IntelliSense was first introduced to enable no-build experience for RIA Services development.  More information about this feature can be found in: Live IntelliSense in WCF RIA Services for VS2010.   In the WCF RIA Services 1.0 RTW release, the feature has been extended to support…


Silverlight 4 Tools for VS2010 and WCF RIA Services 1.0 Released!

This is the final release for Silverlight 4 Tools for VS2010, WCF RIA Services 1.0 runtime and tools. A bunch of new features were introduced into this release, . Let’s take the Data Source Window (used for data-binding UI generation) outputs as an example. With the new release, you will see an icon (which looks like a…


Workaround to Data Source Window not populating RIA Services Domain Context Objects

Recently, we found a bug that hidden in the WCF RIA Services RC release setup authoring, which causes the Data Source Window cannot populate RIA Services Domain Context objects, and the Live IntelliSense doesn’t work. This only happens when the VS2010 is not installed in the default VS installation path. For example, if your default…


Enabling CRUD for SharePoint 2010 external lists using Visual Studio 2010

Recently we published a blog Walkthrough of enabling CRUD for SharePoint 2010 external lists using Visual Studio 2010. This walkthrough shows you how to pull data from an external database into an external list and enable Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) functions to the external list. I copied some paragraphs for your preview. “In…


Silverlight Object Binding in Visual Studio 2010 Beta2

Visual Studio 2010 provides drag-and-drop data binding from the Data Sources window in Silverlight applications. The Data Sources window simplifies the process of creating data-bound controls to present application data to users. This example shows how to display data from 2 related business objects in a Silverlight application. For a video version of this blog…


Building Look-Up Binding with the VS Data Source Window

About six months ago, Milind wrote a post about how to leverage the Data Source Window to build look-up binding. In that article, Milind briefly described one way to do that through drag-and-drop. In this post, I’ll show you different ways to use the Data Source Window and build look-up binding through easy drag-and-drop gesture….


Visual Basic PowerPacks is released in Visual Studio 2010 Beta2!

Many of you have been asking about this and here is the good news: VB PowerPacks has been released in Visual Studio 2010 Beta2 (Download) and will be part of VS2010 RTM! It was also released in VS 2008 Service Pack 1, but if you’re still working on VS 2008, this post shows where to…


Manage Business Data in SharePoint 2010 using VisualStudio 2010

If you want to manage business data in SharePoint 2010 Beta, you can use VisualStudio 2010 Beta to do that. For details, you can read this blog Walkthrough of creating a SharePoint 2010 external list using Visual Studio 2010 Beta. I copied some paragraphs for your preview. “There are a bunch of SharePoint features in…