Data Access Layers and a LINQ update (by yag)

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted. The launch in Israel (and the user group meeting) went great. Lots of folks, lots of good conversations with people there. I just wanted to point out a few interesting things that went online in the last day or so: Scott Guthrie posted an excellent tutorial titled…

LINQ updates for VS2005 RTM (by yag)

Now that we’ve shipped Visual Studio 2005, we’ve put updated versions of the LINQ downloads that work with the RTM bits. Enjoy! LINQ tech preview update for .net 2.0 rtm VBLINQ tech preview update for .net 2.0 rtm C#

Language design choices and query comprehensions (by yag)

An interesting part of Project LINQ is the concept of Query Comprehensions. In essence, they allow you to perform a translation from a more declarative syntax to a more object based one. For instance the following internal LINQ syntax in C#:    expr = names.Where(s => s.Length == 5).OrderBy(s => s).Select(s => s.ToUpper()) ; which is chock…


New paper on XLinq (by yag)

Erik Meijer and Brian Beckman have written a paper titled “XLinq: XML Programming Refactored (The Return of the Monoids)” for the XML2005 conference. I found it very readable and a really good explanation of the XLinq API. Check it out! As an aside – Erik won the Fear Factor Live contest at Universal Studios during…


Project LINQ – Language INtegrated Query (by yag)

Well, the hints have been going out for a while now, and finally we can talk about this thing we’ve been working on for so long. At the PDC opening keynote today, we unveiled a number of things including Project LINQ. The Language Integrated Query framework (the LINQ Project) is a set of language extensions…


Dynamic languages and data (by yag)

I’ve mentioned before that one of the reasons I enjoy my job so much is that I get to work with folks like Anders, Paul, Erik and Calvin on future technology. Basically, my goal is to make working with data in real applications (not just demos) something that is straight forward and scalable. One of the biggest…

The birth of VS DATA’s Table Designer (by Mairead)

As a relatively new member to the VS Data team, I was unaware of the complete history behind our toolset until recently when my Dev Lead Casey Quayle, one of the founding members of our database tool suite, gave me a history lesson on the formation of our team and our tools [originally the Query Designer, Table Designer, and Database Diagrams] and…


Database Diagramming Kano Survey (by Tim)

We’re rerunning our database modeling survey in Kano format.  If you’re interested in the future of data modeling in VS and the SQL Server tools, then we’d appreciate your help in defining what we build.  Please fill out the survey posted at: Thanks in advance for your time and help! – Tim Laverty


Data/Language Integration in .NET (by yag)

As Paul mentions on his blog and Anders discusses on Channel9, we’ve begun long lead work on some possible post-Whidbey items, including integration of data and language. I have to admit that it’s pretty cool to be working with the top language and data architects across the company – another one of the reasons I…


Future of the query designer (by Milind Lele)

The VS Data team is working with other teams across the company for defining the future of the Query Designer. Do you write data access code? Do you write/build queries, reports, stored procedures, views, etc? Help us improve the user experience by taking a short survey (link below). (Expected time to complete: ~10 mins) Do you…