Visual FoxPro October CTP is live

The October letter from the editor ( is now live. This announces the October CTP of Sedna and SP2 for Visual FoxPro. The CTP previews several enhancements: Enhancements to Reporting, SQL Server Upsizing Wizard and DataExplorer. It also includes earlier components: NET4COM and the MY library for VFP.


How to retrieve stored procedure return values from TableAdapter

This entry was originally posted on SmartClientData blog. If you’ve been wondering why you are not able to access stored procedure return values from TableAdapter, here’s the solution for you. I will use tbTasks table and spInsertTask stored procedure to demonstrate the solution.  You can see definitions for both below. CREATE TABLE dbo.tbTasks (       …


Visual FoxPro "Sedna" June 2006 CTP Released

Today we released the June 2006 CTP of VFP “Sedna”. It is available for download here. I’ve also published the monthly letter: that contains information about this CTP.


Yag moves on and stays at the same time (by yag)

As many of you know, after a major release, people at Microsoft tend to look around to see what they’d like to work on next. After working on two releases of Visual Studio and a similar number of releases of Visual FoxPro, I’ve accepted a position in as an architect focusing on our community…

This looks like an interesting conference (by yag)

There’s a conference coming to Seattle that looks really interesting for language wonks: The .NET Programming Languages And Compilers Symposium: Lang .NET 2006 Here are a few of the things that they’ll be discussing: Dynamic languages and scripting AJAX and ATLAS Domain specific languages Functional languages Object-oriented and aspect-oriented programming Web-services and mobile code Libraries…

Visual FoxPro Monthly Letter

Today I published the April 2006 letter for Visual FoxPro.Incidentally, in that letter I mentioned that the Team System team is about to release a MSCCI provider for Team Foundation Server which includes support for Visual FoxPro 9.0. Then this afternoon YAG sent me an email saying that the beta for the MSCCI is already…


SQL Server Everywhere Edition announced

Paul Flessner announced the new addition to the SQL Server family. This will provide a lightweight storage on all clients and will include support for seamlessly synchronizing with other SQL Server editions.Milind Lele


Awesome Jim Gray video (by yag)

Jim Gray was interviewed for Behind The Code back in early March. Jim’s a Technical Fellow here at Microsoft and manages our Bay Area Research Center. For data folks like me, he is one of the people that came up with the theories that underly transaction processing in databases – and he works on scaleable…

Speaking at Devteach in May (by yag)

Kate’s blog entry reminds me that I haven’t mentioned that I’ll be speaking at Devteach in Montreal on May 8-12. It’s a great conference – I spoke at the first one, and have missed the past few years – looking forward to being back again. My keynote will be about Linq (of course <g>). On the…