Silverlight Object Binding in Visual Studio 2010 Beta2

Visual Studio 2010 provides drag-and-drop data binding from the Data Sources window in Silverlight applications. The Data Sources window simplifies the process of creating data-bound controls to present application data to users. This example shows how to display data from 2 related business objects in a Silverlight application. For a video version of this blog…


Building Look-Up Binding with the VS Data Source Window

About six months ago, Milind wrote a post about how to leverage the Data Source Window to build look-up binding. In that article, Milind briefly described one way to do that through drag-and-drop. In this post, I’ll show you different ways to use the Data Source Window and build look-up binding through easy drag-and-drop gesture….

Data Connection Dialog Source Code is released on Code Gallery!

Based on customer requests, we have decided to release the data connection dialog source code on Code Gallery last weekend: Here, I’ll introduce it briefly to give a basic idea. The data connection dialog is a database tool component that released with Visual Studio. In order to use the data connection dialog independently of…