Manage Business Data in SharePoint 2010 using VisualStudio 2010

If you want to manage business data in SharePoint 2010 Beta, you can use VisualStudio 2010 Beta to do that. For details, you can read this blog Walkthrough of creating a SharePoint 2010 external list using Visual Studio 2010 Beta. I copied some paragraphs for your preview.

"There are a bunch of SharePoint features in Visual Studio 2010 Beta. You may have already heard about them from reading the blog Short Overview of SharePoint Features in Visual Studio 2010 or by other means. Today I want to introduce one of them, Business Data Connectivity (BDC) designer, which is available in the project template Business Data Connectivity Model. If BDC is new to you, here is a short description. BDC is one of two most important architectural components of Microsoft Business Connectivity Services (BCS) which enables users to read and write data from external systems—through Web and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services, databases, and Microsoft .NET Framework assemblies—from within Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Office 2010 applications. This MSDN webpage Business Data Connectivity (BDC) Service has a more descriptive version.

Visual Studio 2010 helps a SharePoint developer to develop, debug and deploy .NET assemblies as external data sources to SharePoint. In the following paragraphs, I will walkthrough with you how to create your first SharePoint external list using Visual Studio 2010. In order to make this walkthrough work on your machine, you need to install SharePoint 2010 Public Beta* and Visual Studio 2010 Beta2#.

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