Visual Studio 2010 and .NET FX 4 Beta1 publicly available today

This Monday, we released Beta1 of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET FX 4 to MSDN subscribers. Today it is publicly available for the rest of the world! Please visit MSDN Beta1 Landing Page to download.

The Beta1 release includes many interesting features. You might have already heard about some of them, and you could visit the Visual Studio 2010 Product Page to learn more. I am personally very excited about this release and I’m using some of the new features in my daily life now.
Of course, I’m more excited about the new features we enabled for Business Application developers. Milind talked about Drag-Drop Data Binding For WPF before. That is the user scenario we enabled in the CTP. With the Beta1 release, we support not only Entity Data Model, but DataSet, ADO.NET Data Service, Generic Object, and WCF Service. You could find more resources on MSDN Beta1 Walkthrough Page. We will also write follow-up posts here, so please stay tuned! 

Besides the drag-drop data binding scenario, we also updated the Class Designer to support new features in C# and VB languages, including Auto-Implemented Properties, Optional Parameters, and Dynamic Types.

There is still a lot for us to do and your feedback is extremely valuable to us. We’d like to hear from you, so if you have feedback, please leave a comment on this blog, post your questions on the Visual Studio 2010 & .NET Framework 4 Beta 1 Forums, log a bug or suggestion on Microsoft Connect Beta 1 Feedback Page.


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