Visual FoxPro October CTP is live

The October letter from the editor ( is now live. This announces the October CTP of Sedna and SP2 for Visual FoxPro.

The CTP previews several enhancements: Enhancements to Reporting, SQL Server Upsizing Wizard and DataExplorer. It also includes earlier components: NET4COM and the MY library for VFP.

Comments (3)

  1. Cesar Chalom says:

    Hi Milind,

    These are excellent news, thanks very much for all your efforts, providing such important improvements.

    But there are some important bugs found in this CTP, like a Windows error when using a simple Browse command. Are you planning to send a patch? That would be very important, because the BROWSE command is very usual, specially during development.

    I know this is not the right place for suggestions, but It’ll be terrific if the VFP team can include the PICTUREVAL property to all VFP controls that have a picture property. At this moment, only the PICTURE object has this feature.

    Thanks very much

    Cesar Chalom

  2. jamome says:

    Does the VS data team do anything in addition to FoxPro?  Nothing against FoxPro, but why does there seem to be no other topics posted on?  Looking at the complexity of Visual Studio 2005, there must be some other interesting things the data team is doing, or is there?

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