Visual FoxPro ‘Sedna’ March CTP now online (by Milind)

We have released the first CTP (Community Technology Preview) of Sedna.  This March 2006 CTP includes the latest build of NET4COM — a library of COM wrappers around a selected subset of the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.  We will release other CTPs periodically. Each CTP will have incrementally increasing functionality and latest builds of Sedna until we release a full public beta later this year.

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  1. @ Head says:

    The Visual Fox Pro team announced today their latest CTP of VFP Sedna.  So what’s that got to do…

  2. If you are working in Visual FoxPro and want to know more about the Sedna project you might want to take…

  3. DlanorOk says:

    This the functionality wanted on VFP Sedna, but is possible that many developers are confund with the Full Product.

    I review the features of this component, and is Cool and easy to develop great Applications using the .NET 2.0 features, in Visual FoxPro.

    Congratulations VFP Team!


    Ronald Ramirez


  4. Milind Lee has posted that the March CTP of Sedna, the add-on for VFP, is now available.

    We have released…

  5. Боже, как же всё-таки забавно смотреть на проблемы программистов VFP. Недавно он

  6. Dinesh Vyas says:

    You have given a new life to Visual Foxpro Developers by providing NET4COM.

    We were feeling very backward without .net programming.

    Thank you very much

  7. In the last month end, the Microsoft Visual FoxPro Team has released the first download for the…

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