Visual FoxPro feature overview available online (by yag)

One thing that we've been working towards for a while is getting the community involved earlier in our development processes. This is something that's happening across the developer division. We're pleased to let y'all know that we've posted overview documents for three of the features coming in Sedna. As we've mentioned before, Sedna is all about interoperability with Windows Vista, .NET, SQL Server and Office and extensibility. The documents help cement that.

  1. DDEX Provider for VFP Data - this document discusses integrating VFP Data with Visual Studio 2005.
  2. Net4COM - this document describes how we'll be bringing the capability of accessing parts of the .NET framework that bring additional value to VFP developers.
  3. Sedna Reporting Features - this document describes new capabilities in extending reporting even beyond where VFP9 goes.

I'm really glad that we could provide these, and we look forward to making even more available over time.

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