VFP9 Case Studies Now Online (by yag)

Ken blogs about two new VFP9 case studies that have just gone live. I just wanted to point to his more detailed post and provide the highlights of the two case studies. I'm really excited to see some of these case studies coming out and look forward to more.

Pal’s Sudden Service - Sysdine People Resource Management Software

Pal's Sudden Service developed extraordinarily effective people resource management processes, which in turn produced extraordinary results in growth, customer satisfaction, productivity, and turnover reduction. These processes are now incorporated in a software system called Sysdine, which utilizes Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Microsoft SQL Server. Pal's is the only restaurant company ever to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Crimestar - Scalable Law Enforcement Information System Exploits the Strengths of Visual FoxPro

The objective was to build a fast, flexible, and user-friendly solution for law enforcement that could be cost-effectively deployed in the smallest of towns while being capable of serving larger metropolitan organizations. Currently taking advantage of the data-centric capabilities of Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0, Crimestar Corporation has deployed its system to hundreds of law enforcement agencies, providing them with capabilities that were once unobtainable and benefiting millions of people in communities large and small.

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  1. Jim Allen says:

    I understand and appreciate the datacentric and RAD-like abilities of VFP but what are the technical reasons to choose it over VS .Net?

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