Adios for Now and Welcome to the New VFP QA (by John Koziol)

Hi folks!

I have decided to resign from Microsoft effective 15 July. This is due to personal reasons and a feel that this time, an interregnum between our last VFP release and Sedna would be a good time. Meanwhile, I have been working with an awesome tester from the VDT side of the VS Data team to take over VFP testing.  His name is Sam Zhang and he's the kind of guy who you teach "1+1=2" and the next thing you know he's posited Fermat's Last Theorum.  I have no doubts that the future of the quality of VFP is safely in his hands.




Comments (4)

  1. Carl Warner says:

    Well, hell. Your expertise and commitment on the Fox team will surely be missed by me. I don’t know what direction you’re headed, but I’m sure you’ll make it work to your benefit, as it should be. And, I trust your comments on your successor and that you’re leaving the area you’ve worked so hard at in capable hands.

    And how dare you use a word like "interregnum" in a sentence! William F. Buckley would be proud. 🙂

  2. wOOdy says:

    Hi John,

    of course it’s always bad news if somebody from the family leaves the boat, but OTOH I wish you Good Luck and all for your future projects!

    BTW, is this an intended phrase:

    "between our last VFP release and Sedna ", thus implying again that there will be no future version of VFP ? <gd&rvf>

  3. Paul James says:

    Thank you John for all your hard work and for helping to make VFP a world-class product! You will be missed! I don’t envy Sam trying to fill your shoes, but we’ll try to give him as hard a time as we’ve given you 😉 Good luck and much happiness!

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