Imagine Cup 2005

Last Saturday, I was a regional judge for the national semi-finals for the Imagine Cup. 

What's that? 

It's a competition open to students where they are given a theme and technolgies and they come up with a solution, including (usually) design specs. Yes, it's a Microsoft sponsored event and that may piss off purists, but the skills and imagination shown by the students is amazing. Sure, you still see the occasional entry where the entrant had no clue but still came up with some muddied solution but for the most part these kids are sharp as a tack.  Even the clueless are only so because they didn't know where to look.  Between rounds, it's a joy to sit with the kids and talk with them. I spent a lot of time demonstrating VFP as a lot of them had never heard of it (the story of my life).

If you know of any college students who can code and are competitive, perhaps you may want to alert them to this competition next year.  Here's the link:



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