Incredible! (by John Koziol)

I announced in a private email to friends a few weeks ago that I was auditioning for the gameshow Jeopardy!.  Somehow, I neglected to proffer the date of the audition but it's the 19th of this month. What really amazed me was the fact that at least two of our very well-known VFP cognoscenti were successful contestants in the past!  I won't name names as I haven't asked them permission to do so, but I think it's really cool.

I'm fairly sure that if I wore my very svelte VFP 9 or VFP 8 polo-style shirt to the audition, they wouldn't like that.  Neither, I think, would they appreciate a company logo shirt or one I received anonymously that reads "Microsoft Rules, Linux Drools".  As much as I am loyal to the products and company, I'd hate to be put on the bad list by being overly commercial.

Within the forms I have to fill out is a section in which I have to relate 5 interesting things about myself or my family.  Seeing as how I am thoroughly boring and pedestrian, I see this as an opportunity to get some free marketing for MS products or VFP in specific.

My challenge to you, friends, is to give me something to say to Alex Trebek that showcases VFP without being overly commercial.  I am open to all suggestions.

Comments (2)

  1. E.R. Gilmore says:


    Maybe you could mention that you’re a Software Engineer just like Ken Jennings and see if Alex would ask you more about it.

  2. vsdata says:

    From John:

    I had no idea Jennings was a software engineer! Cool. I’m thinking of telling him I’m a test engineer. When he asks what that entails, I’ll just say "I break things".

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