Visual Studio Beta 2 hit the streets (by Mairead)

In case you have not heard, Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 hit the streets for you guys/gals to take a look at. It's truely a remarkable release with alot of hardwork put in by all teams across the Developer Division as well as the SQL Server devision. The VS Data feature-set are in very shape for you to play around with.

This release is also a broad "Go-Live" release check out the following Whidbey Beta 2 "Go Live" post by Mike McKay from the Visual Studio Release team

Check out the Visual Studio 2005 MSDN download site to get the latest bits 🙂

Any feedback on the data related features would be gratefully appreciated, please send us mail via

Comments (3)

  1. I had to do it… Everyone else is doing it…

    There were several things, but the biggest…

  2. I’ve got it installed now. Even though I told it not to install the Sql Server Express April CTP, it did it anyways. I’m getting the full Sql Server April CTP right now and already uninstalled the express version. Looking forward to working with some features that weren’t available in VS beta 1.

  3. spongebob says:

    AFAIK the Express Edition does require and run with SQL Server 2005 Express only..

    I did install it too and had a problem installing the SQL Server. After a couple of attempts I could breakdown the problem to a curious circular reference: The SQL service is finally unable to start, because it depends on NETLOGON, which starts on my machine but stops immediately, because it is "not required", because my machine is not a member of a domain…

    Great 🙂

    I filed a bug report using the inbuilt mechanisms. Just to let you now and probably get a comment.


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