More bloggy goodness (by yag)

The C# team has a number of great blogs, and I've been after the VB team to be blogging more. So, I think I should point out a few of the new blogs starting up.

Way to go folks! Hope the entries keep coming and we see even more...

Comments (3)

  1. Alex Kazovic says:

    Hi yag

    I looked at the VB IDE team blog and wanted to leave a comment that I found the font hard to read. But I couldn’t post any comments. Could you ask the team to check if they have anonymous comments enabled?

    Additionally, if the team had a contact hyperlink, it would help in reporting these types of issues directly.


  2. vsdata says:

    I passed the comments along, Alex. Thanks!

  3. Sathyaish Chakravarthy says:

    That the VB Team will be blogging some, is a good thing to hear. Before I gave up and missed a few beats, I used to wait for an entry on the VB Team blog. If I wanted to write to them, there wasn’t a way out, coz the comments were blocked after a certain period of time and that left no active thread where I could add my woe to the comments list.

    To the bloggy goodness, when I say grace, I do it like, "O God! Thank you for the food that we eat. Thank you for the sun that shines. Thank you for the birds that sing. Thank you for everything. Thank you for slashdot, Joel On Software (JoS) and Thank you for my wonderful dad and mom."

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