Visual FoxPro and other MS products (by John Koziol)

As you are probably aware, Microsoft is constantly improving Windows, Office, SQL Server, and other products with Service Packs and whole new versions. Several months ago, I posted about the effects of (or lack thereof) Windows XP SP2 on Visual FoxPro.

One of the things I've been working on of late is a method of automatically testing these updates with Visual FoxPro so that we can know way in advance of any potential issues. We were already doing this (called "sign-offs") before, but I'm trying to streamline the process and make the coverage more effective.

You can be sure that if there is an issue that's not external to VFP we will post the information in the appropriate venue, such as an entry at the VFP MSDN Support site, a KB article, or what not.  Our Product Support guys kick-ass and write great KB articles and provide great support.

If the issue does not warrant this, I will post an entry here on this blog discussing the issue as I did for SP2.  If you have any general questions you can always email me at and I'll be glad to get you whatever information I can.

Support site for Visual FoxPro:





Comments (2)

  1. Hank Fay says:

    John, I’ve noticed a huge degredation in the quality of the searches in the KB, from around the time they redid the UI on it. E.g., search on rdclip.exe — which is a component of the Win2K resource kit. No hit. Now, I used to get a hit. I’ve had the same experience looking for KB articles I used to get, regarding Terminal Services and VFP, that simply don’t come up anymore.
    <br>So, blog away, please, as we probably won’t be able to find it if its in the &quot;new&quot; KB.

  2. vsdata says:

    Hi Hank.

    I don’t know what to tell you. MSDN content is beyond my scope of influence. Please email me with specific problems you have encountered and I will make sure it’s forwarded to the proper parties.

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