New SQL Server Editions (by yag)

I'm a few days late posting this, but I wanted to point y'all to Tom's article on the new set of SKUs for SQL Server - including the new Workgroup Edition which is even available now for SQL Server 2000.

Here's a picture of the SQL Server 2005 packaging and pricing:

SQL Server 2005 Packaging and Pricing

It doesn't include the Developer Edition which will still be available.

Comments (5)

  1. matt says:

    And exactly when will this stuff ship so that I can start using SQL Express for my product instead of MSDE? 😉

    This kind of stuff is all just lip service until you give us some idea of when it will REALLY be available. And I don’t mean available in Beta…

  2. . says:

    Is JET Finally killed off? WHat about FoxPro And Access? ARe they gone.

    SQL Server 2005 Express is FREE?

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