Michel Fournier, VFP MVP, has entered an interesting contest….

Yeah, let's vote for Mike!  From the UniversalThread:


You might know already that Michel Fournier does also some other quite different things besides UT. Last Monday, Michel registered into a contest for the radio station. It was for Valentine's Day in regards to bring out a date and go for the best date. The voting process is similar to the reality shows such as seen on TV. People can vote by e-mail, fax or phone.

Last Friday the radio selected Michel as one of two participants on that contest. This is in Bathurst, New Brunswick and the radio station is MAX 104.9. As selected, they were supposed to bring out a date for the Valentine's Day on Monday night and do something original. The contest was named Red Neck Romeo contest.

The next day, the radio station called Michel's lady so she had to explain how was the date and what she liked. This was taped and will be played back until Friday. Until Friday, you have the chance to vote for Michel.

So, in order to support Michel in this contest in a quest to go for the overall prize, if you have a free minute, you can send an email to maxfm@radioatl.ca and say in it that you would like to vote for Michel Fournier for the Red Neck Romeo Contest.

Let's help Michel win!

Nick Neklioudov
Universal Thread Consultant
Microsoft MVP - Visual FoxPro 2001-2003



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