Click Once rocks! (by yag)

While on the tour in India, Steven and I discussed an internal application that was deployed to over 1000 people via Click Once. Click Once is a new feature that is coming in VS2005 which allows you to deploy Windows Forms applications with the ease of a web application.

The Easy Pricing and Estimation Tool (EZ-Pet 2.0) is used by our volume-licensing executives and specialists to gather pricing data and automate the creation of volume licenses for enterprise agreements. Click Once allowed the application to be placed on a server and automatically moved to the user's machine when run. The cool thing is that if there's an update, running the application will automatically cause the update to come down. The user is always up to date.

Anyway, the case study on this is now available. Check it out!

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    …a single developer was able to accelerate the development cycle. In fact, the core business engine was developed in just one week.

    "Without ClickOnce, a deployment of this size could take two to three months. Now, it can be done, literally, with a single click," says Ravindra Mohite, System Architect, Infosys Technologies (a vendor contracted to work on the project).


    Hail ClickOnce! It’s advent should put an end to release management cycles. Out of the five projects I am currently doing (single-handedly again), four of them are maintenance projects of earlier releases I shipped during the last year. Two of them are roughly the same size as EZPET code base. But there’s one project that runs into a several tens of thousands of lines of code and I am all alone, and after 18 months the customer got back to us and asked me for some enhancements and a new build. O’ Joy! that project uses a lot of COM dlls too that I created and I am kind of procrastinating work on it just because of the enormity of the task. One mistake and the DLL hell breaks loose.

    Reminds me, besides deployment, I believe (saw it on .NET Rocks Jeff Richter interview) Whidbey will have some cool debugger and profiler features too, like we’ll be able to graphically visualize our datastructures such as arraylists in our projects. And the tools will be extensible so we could change the graphic layout and element properties and extend by adding even our own objects. Looks like Whidbey is going to bring in a new set of rules to traditional OOPs development, one that we’ve never seen before – visualize everything you design, everything you code, extend your IDE, deploy in a single click, don’t bother about object updations, don’t bother about new releases, write code and then backwards engineer UML class diagrams, or do it which way you like (you talked about this being added to VS Team System, I guess, in your India talk). Phew! Lots of cool stuff. Though, I can’t help but wonder in awe about the size of the new class library with 3.0 of the framework that ships with Longhorn.

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