Four most compelling issues in VS 2005 around data access (by yag)

Jackie has a post discussing the move from Access to .NET. As part of it, he focuses on what he thinks are the key features for data-centric developers. Numbers one and two are:

(1) The improved experience and productivity of designing/building data-centric WinForms
(2) The improvement in easily building forms that use automatic data binding and actually work correctly

for the rest, check out his entry! I'll be looking in on his site for comments... Thanks for the kudos, Jackie... I'll be sure to pass this along to all the teams that were involved.

Comments (3)

  1. Nice too see the VB crowd getting to enjoy the ease of use and advantages that we had in MS Visual FoxPro for over 10 years! <g>

  2. Jeff Pace says:

    Yeah. VB programmers will eventually be able to develop database apps.

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