What would you like to hear about from the VS DATA Team blog? (by Mairead)

The VS DATA team has been blogging on articles such as our extensibility component DDEX, the new and innovating technology of SQLCLR, SQL Server Express, Microsoft and .Net etc.   We had some very great postings from one of our developers Ming on the Results pane and a great article by Sam from the QA…


Blog entries about SQL Server Management Studio (by yag)

I’m just cleaning up a few last items before I head to India, and noticed that Bill Ramos is blogging about the management tools that are coming in SQL Server 2005. I look forward to seeing his take on the tools.


SQLCLR Demo on MSDN TV (by Milind)

Sometime back I had done a short demo for MSDN TV that shows creating a simple user defined data type for SQL Server 2005 using Visual Studio 2005. Finally it’s online now! In VS 2005 we have built project system support to make it really easy to create SQLCLR objects–build and deploy and debug! Take a…


I’m heading to India! (by yag)

Steven Lees (Group Program Manager for Visual Basic) and I are heading to India as part of the latest phase of the Visual Basic World Tour. Here’s the basic schedule: Bangalore – November 30 thru December 1 Mumbai – December 1 – December 2 Chennai – December 3 – December 6 Hyderabad – December 7 -…


DDEX – II (by Milind)

Visual Studio ships with .NET data providers for SQL Server, Oracle and SQL Server Mobile Edition. That is certainly not an exhaustive list of .NET data providers. Several companies have built and are building providers for various databases (data sources). Why, you can write one too! (See: Creating a .NET Framework Data Provider.)   Now…


Back in the Saddle (John Koziol)

To borrow Aerosmith from their excellent Toys in the Attic album. Anyhow, I’ve been fighting some illnesses lately and the medication I’m taking leaves me loopy in the evenings – just the perfect time for me to blog. Hence, no blog entries in a while.  Sorry about that, folks. We’ve also been very, very busy getting…


Database Diagramming Kano Survey (by Tim)

We’re rerunning our database modeling survey in Kano format.  If you’re interested in the future of data modeling in VS and the SQL Server tools, then we’d appreciate your help in defining what we build.  Please fill out the survey posted at: http://whdc.microsoft.com/vsdata/databasediagramming.aspx Thanks in advance for your time and help! – Tim Laverty


Microsoft and .NET (by yag)

I read a comment to a thread on Scott Hanselman’s blog that said “The day Microsoft is writing Office, Media Player, Visual Studio totally in .NET is the day I would expect that Windows Forms are finally ready.” I wanted to talk about that and a few other misconceptions (as I see them). When a…