SQL Server Express and VB6 (by yag)

Scott Swigart over at 3Leaf has posted a blog entry titled "SQL Express: The Little Engine that Could". In it, he shows how the great new capabilities of SSE can be used by VB6 developers instead of Jet (Access) databases.

My only response to this is "yup!" <g>. SQL Server Express is one of the projects I've most enjoyed working on in this release. The ability to have a database that is XCOPY deployable, that can be connected to via a file path, that will run as Normal User and needs no upgrading to work under SQL Server is awesome . Before I came to Microsoft, one decision we often had to make was how to support both local data stores and SQL Server as the application grew or moved to a larger office. SSE now gives us the best of both worlds - the ease of Access or Fox data files, with the simple movement to SQL Server.

Comments (5)

  1. I can’t find anything on MS’s website that discusses moving db’s from MSDE to SSE. Is this going to be "seamless"? I have never even tried moving a db from MSDE to SQL Server, so I have no base for comparison.

  2. Jürgen Wondzinski says:

    So, if this is such an exiting and easy to deploy puppy, why isn’t it included in the upcoming VFP9 version?

  3. yag says:

    Simple answer, Woody. VFP9 is shipping before SQL Server Express does. So, VFP9 will ship with the latest version of MSDE – and you’ll be able to do a free download of SQL Express when it ships.


  4. yag says:

    You should be able to simply detach the database from MSDE and use it for SSE.


  5. DienBaQuan says:

    Please to show me using vb6 to rename a SQL server column name?

    I’m looking forward to receiving from your reply!


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