Abhishek Lal (Test Lead – VS Data)

Abhishek Lal

Software Design Engineer/Test Lead, Visual Studio - Visual Studio Data

Last Updated: 7/18/2004

Abhishek Lal is a Test Lead with the Visual Studio Data group. The Visual Studio Data team produces the tools used inside of Visual Studio .NET, Office and SQL Server that surface data capabilities.  Abhishek is focused on various aspects of Quality Assurance for this feature set. These include Internationalization, Globalization and Accessibility. In addition to this he contributes to the development of Test Framework and Tools for Visual Studio and also has a keen interest in the application of various Test methodologies such as Pairwise and Model Based testing. Prior to this position, Abhishek was a Software Design Engineer/Test with the Enterprise Frameworks and Tools team and helped deliver the Template Services toolset in Visual Studio .NET 2002. Before joining Microsoft, Abhishek completed the Master of Science program from University of Southern California, Los Angeles.       

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  1. John Koziol says:

    …and an all-around good guy 🙂

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