VFP9 and Reports (by John Koziol)

Folks who have been involved with the VFP 9 betas and various forums have been astounded by what has been done to extend the VFP report engine. Simply put, if you haven't already downloaded the VFP public beta and want to be overwhelmed - do so and play with the new report features.

There could be books written about nothing but these enhancements.  You're going to have ReportListeners where you can use OO logic to do a lot of things to reports; a totally new Report Designer interface, and many other things. What's been done far exceeds the cries for changes we've all heard for years on this topic.

Three folks deserve a lot of credit for this:  Richard Stanton - MS dev, Lisa Slater-Nicholls, and Colin Nicholls. Lisa architected most of the enhancements; Colin and Richard implemented them. 

Comments (2)

  1. Lots of kudos to Richard, Lisa, and Colin. They did an incredible amount of work. I’m amazed at what we’re now able to accomplish in the Report Designer.

  2. John Koziol says:

    Yeah, it’s really cool. Lisa was the driving force behind the architecture and deserves all the thanks we can give her.

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