WTG Mike! (by John Koziol)

Mike Stewart, one of the VFP Test Team members, just returned from a motorcycle trip around the US Southwest extolling the virtues of an enhancement to BINDEVENTS which allows VFP developers to trap Windows events (well, actually, Windows messages but it's a long story). Today he showed us what he'd been showing the user groups in his path and it was mighty impressive.

I've posted on this issue before back when we thought this would be it's own function, but it was decided to overload the existing BINDEVENT function - which really makes more sense.

My understanding is that this enhancement will be covered in some detail by Drew Speedie at DevCon, maybe in the keynote, and maybe by others.

This is one of those features that should get a lot of VFP customers drooling and clamoring for VFP9. Thanks a lot to Mike for showcasing it.

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