The VFP Feedback Mechanism (by John Koziol)

Recently, MS introduced a new feedback method called “Ladybug” that allows customers to post and track feedback on bugs and issues with a product. VFP is not a product supported at this time and this has generated some feedback. I'd like to take this opportunity to explain why we don't participate :

  1. We don't have the resources.  Ladybug is very interactive and consumes resources for participating products to track issues and provide feedback. Whidbey (.Net) is shipping way beyind VFP 9 and can allocate these resources - we cannot.  We're all fully involved with product testing.

  2. We believe we have a much great rapport with our community than other product teams. To us, this lessens the need. There ara myriad of ways for a VFP developer to let us know what's right and wrong.

If I'm wrong and a million voices in anger send email demanding VFP support, I'm sure we'd reconsider.


Comments (5)

  1. Maybe it’s an idea for the rest of the teams to follow the method the vfp team has.

    Listen to the community. Then you don’t need to abuse those little animals.

    Keep on going John. I like the beta of the product so far.

    Just one Q. Is there a follow up on the current beta (like one improved beta?) before the final product ships?

  2. Hank Fay says:

    Understood and understandable.

    Q: do you have in internal bug-tracking mechanism?

    Q: would it be possible to publish that as a searchable web service? I’m certain you could get volunteers to write the web service, if sample data were made available.

  3. Ken Levy says:

    The current public beta of VFP 9.0 online is the only version of the beta that will be posted online for download, there will not be an update to the beta posted before we release the final version near the end of this year.

  4. AT says:

    Correct desigion.

    IMHO, Currently LadyBug are at preview/testdrive stage of development and sutable for real feedback collection.

    Once it will become mature and get rid of lame bugs and limitation – others products can start using it.

    Even more – I would like only single product started to use C#, not entire Whidbey.

    Old BetaPlace reporting was much better and robust.

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