Initial Thoughts/Feedback on VS 2005 Beta 1 (by Mairéad)

It's been over two weeks now since the VS 2005 Beta 1 was released. Yeehaaaaaaa 🙂

The VS Data team would love to hear about what your inital impressions are, your thoughts and comments.

What features rock, what features could be better, have you suggestions/comments to make on any data related feature area.

Are you getting enough traction/progress on any of the issues you reported via MSDN feedback?

Let us know............................ 


Comments (6)

  1. Frans Bouma says:

    One IMPORTANT issue was reported after Dan Fernandez talk about new things in C# 2.0.

    It’s about nullable types and DBNull.Value.

    One of the situations nullable types will be extremely handy is when you read a value from a datareader into a variable.

    Say you do this: (which was actually an example of Dan)

    int? myValue = myDataReader[someIndex].Value;

    Would that work if the value in the datareader at someIndex is DBNull.Value ? I have the feeling it’s not, as DBNull.Value is not equal to null (the .NET null :)).

    It would be best if there was some way of doing this easily. Otherwise testcode has to be added to test on DBNull.Value, which is what a lot of us want to avoid 🙂

  2. Wallym says:

    How does one use the XML Editor in Vs.NET 2005 to create schemas so that the Create XML Schema statement can be run in Sql2k5?


  3. Wallym says:

    I am trying to do some initial development pre=sql 2k5 beta 2. Does Sql Express support Service Broker? can you go thru the steps necessary to set it up?


  4. Tech says:

    When working at a business layer (ClassLibrary level), and u test that lib using a winform, sometimes it doesnt update the lib, so its using the old version, it should be refreshed and recompiled everytime the winform is being run so it has the latest version at hand.

  5. gsareen says:

    I dont know if you only want feedback about the Data part, but for me the biggest problem is that its sloooooooow. I only do unmanaged dev, and vc6 was faster than vc7 and now this is extremely slow. What genius had the idea of writing parts of the ide in C#?

  6. Ken Levy says:

    The XML schema creation in the XML editor is for creating XSD schemas, not for creating SQL SELECT schemas with SQL Server. For more information, refer to

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