Spoke at the Haarlem VFP User Group last night (by yag)

Ken and I spoke at the VFP User Group last night. It was a blast. We had around 140 people there and spent over 3 hours going thru VFP9. After I return to Redmond (3 weeks) I'll post pictures and things like that. Right now I'm trying to keep to small blog entries (slow wireless connection <g>). Just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone here who worked so hard to put it together.

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  1. Yag,

    I was a great pleasure to have you and Ken here. There are already some picture online at http://www.wantit.nl.

    Hope to meet you and Ken again some day.

    Gerben Kessen


  2. It was a big pleasure to see you and Ken perform together. It sure was like a well-studied act! On the VFPSIG.NL site you can find pictures here http://www.vfpsig.nl/haarlem/pictures1.htm . The usergroup however was the VFPSIG.NL and not the Haarlem VFP usergroup (that is a non existing group AFAIK). People came from everywhere and the respons was great. The location was chosen due to the fact that the sponsor for this event was situated here. Next time it will be somewhere else.

    Boudewijn Lutgerink


  3. Hank Fay says:

    Frank Camp couldn’t make it, unfortunately: he was supposed to be there to ask you about the VFP9 limitation of 8192 command line length, which still limits the creation of SQL Views that take advantage of the new SQL syntax. IOW, we won’t be able to use it where we really need it because of that limitation (typically in 10+ join reporting views). Is there going to be an adjustment for this in the final release? It doesn’t have to be a an increase in the command line length, if that’s problematic: something like _vfp.createsqlview(<string>) would do.

  4. Chris-Jan Manuel says:

    Thanks to you and Ken! It’s was really a good show and I can’t wait for the final release!

    Besides that, I learned programming the Fox especially from your Codebook3, so it was funny to see you IRL now.

    You asked us to al download the bèta. Even our parents should download the bèta, you said. I asked my father but he said, that in his working days he could run a whole factory on 16k of memory…. Fox9 is a little to complex for him, I think now…. 🙂

    Chris-Jan Manuel.

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