VDT Status Update Whidbey 06/24/04 (By Mairéad)

Beta 1 Status


§         Whidbey and Yukon SxS Nightlies passing 100%

§         QA signed off on all Beta1 Tripwires

§         We did a Final Pick Up of Yukon bits <SMO, SQLAccess and Komodo Grid>


Whidbey Beta 1 Active Bugs Count Status

Current Status

§         Excellent work here in that we have 0 beta1 bugs


Yukon Partner Status

  • Good job to VDT QA for wrapping up their analysis of the Full Automation Run on the Final Yukon bits checked in for Whidbey Beta 1 <Yukon build 834>;
  • Good job for getting a 100% passing on the SxS of Whidbey and Yukon <Yukon build 838>
  • QA are currently working hard to get the final Beta1 sign off complete <Nightly plus an OGF test pass>


Between Whidbey Beta 1 ships and Yukon Beta2 ships

  • [Mairead/Stephen/Srinivas] monitor Yukon bugs accepted in Yukon Shiproom to determine if we are broken or not by fixes accepted into Yukon branch via the Yukon meeting notes on their internal website.

  • [VDT QA] to do a weekly Full Automation run on newer post Whidbey Beta 1 Yukon builds to verify that our features set works correctly between Beta1 sign off and Yukon Beta2 sign off
  • [Abhishek + Mairead] Provide Yukon with a PM+ Scenarios to do a quick daily check that any of their bug fixes will not break our key scenarios in Whidbey


Side by Side Testing of Whidbey and Yukon on same machine

  • Side by Side testing completed successfully on Yukon build 838 <100% passing on nightlies>
  • The uninstall scenario causes some issues whereby if you install VS and Yukon on same machine and uninstall Yukon then VDT tools do not work in VS. You would need to do a repair via CD to fix this issue. The same occurs in Yukon if you do a un-install of VS. A work item has been created and assigned to VDT to solve this issue in Beta2 timeframe.   


QA Resolved Bug Count Status

  • Current Resolved Bugs Count.

 Beta 1


Total Resolved bugs



 DDMetrics Tripwire Status

  • Beta 1 Exit Criteria: Design Time Compat:  Signed Off
  • Beta 1 Exit Criteria: Beta Quality User Scenario: Signed Off
  • Beta 1 Exit: Yukon: Signed Off
  • Beta 1 Exit Criteria: Side by Side: Signed Off
  • Beta 1 Exit Criteria: Localization: Signed Off
  • Beta 1 Exit Criteria: Globalization: Signed Off
  • Beta 1 Exit Criteria: Externals: Signed Off
  • Beta 1 Exit Criteria: 64 bits Test Parity: Signed Off
  • Beta 1 Exit Criteria: Quality Nightlies Run: Signed Off
  • Beta 1 Exit Criteria: Quality Test Pass Results: Signed Off


Beta 1 Schedule

Beta 1 QA Sign off fast approaching


Beta 2 Status

DCR Planning

Current Status

  • A few DCRs are trickling in from VB Data team and internally within the VDT team
  • Devs working on the approved DCRs
  • Webdata have currently rejected any DCR requests on them due to their workload for Beta2. They may look at a few DCRs if the Beta2 dates slip out. We need to investigate what workaround options are viable for us to do in regards to our DCR requests we had on them.


Using the ADO.Net String Connection Manager

            Current Status

  • Turn it on for Beta2


Current Beta2 Bug Count Status


Beta2 Bug Count 


Total Active bugs


Assigned to Dev


Assigned to PM


Assigned to QA


Assigned to UI, UE, Loc



Product Reviews

  • We are still waiting for the Beta 2 dates ETA is end of this week<6/25> or start of next week <6/28>


Post Mortem

  • Dev will present their at the Team meeting on 7/2 and a general Questions and Answers session on the over Post Mortem will follow


Triage Schedule towards Beta 2

Monday           Wednesday        Friday

Every 9am         Every 9am           Every 11.30am                                          


Comments (20)
  1. Pagem says:


    Just flicking through the aggregate page.

    Can you advise what Komodo Grid is/facilitates.

    Cannot find anything else about it but intrigued to find out if it relates to some grid/hpc function for Yukon.



  2. Mairead says:

    Komodo is the name of the SQL Server Tools group which is dedicated to designing and building distributed database management tools.

    Komodo has a feature which we <VDT> calls the Komodo Grid. From a reusability standpoint we reuse their grid within our Query Designer andd within our Table Designer.

  3. Blair says:

    Very nice information. Keep it coming.

    So, does that mean you are having a party tonight 🙂

  4. Adam says:

    You’ve proven my point (made elsewhere) as to the folly of posting this level of internal content. There is nothing here that is actionable by the consumer (ISV) and most of it is probably not even understandable.

    What value will anybody get out of this?

  5. This may be non-actionable, and even semi-incomprehensible information. But at least now you know how a brand-new Microsoft employee feels on their first few weeks of the job :-). This is all part of MS corporate jargon, and I’m sure you’ll pick it up with enough exposure. I’ve been in the company for about eight months now and there are still terms that throw me at times.

    (I still don’t know what FLDB stands for, and I’d love to have someone on the release team enlighten me 🙂 )

  6. Way cool! Thanks for this!

  7. LarsBerg [MSFT] says:

    FLDB = File List Database

  8. Jason says:

    Adam, stop reading then and let the rest of us have our fun with this info.

  9. Aaron: Be very very glad you don’t know what FLDB is. If you show interest in it then someone might sick it on you.

  10. Whidbey Yukon beta update !!

  11. How can I get into the BETA program for VS2005. I have been using VB since V1.0 and VS since it’s inception.



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