An Ancient VFP Error Code of Doom (by John Koziol)

Not too long ago, I wrote a program that cycled through all of VFP's errors by error number. See, we have several new errors for VFP 9 and we're also making some existing error messages more enumerative, for example, Error 15 (Not a table) will now tell you what is not a table.

Anyhow, my speedy little error raising program kept barfing somewhare in the 1000's. I tried ON ERROR, TRY CATCH....nothing worked.  It'd get to a point and >pow< ... Do Cancelled.  After writing a logging function to figure out what exactly was causing the issue, I traced it to Error 1116.

Error 1116, as paleovulpists (people who use old versions of Fox, and, yes, I made up the word) may recall is the “Too many windows open“ error, which was a common enough sighting in the Foundation READ days. These days, I can't imagine how you'd actually get that error in the real world.

If you raise ERROR 1116 anywhere in code, you'll get the error dialog with a single OK button.  Once you click that button, the current application is cancelled. There's no trapping this behavior and no way out.

I can't grok a real world use for this behavior, but, if you ever want to cleanly cancel your application, ERROR 1116. Works every time.

Comments (3)

  1. I think I prefer "paleovulpists" to "Foxils". 🙂

    "…and now I will sing you the tale of Nine-Featured FoxPro and the Error Code of Doom."

  2. Jeff Leason says:

    I’m glad to see that you guys are testing the heck out of VFP. Testing every error via Error command is pretty extensive.


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