Paul Vick continues to amaze (by yag)

One of the best things about working here is the people (I felt the same way about my old company, Flash Creative Management). Paul Vick is on a roll with his last few week's of blog entries. Check these topics out:

And of course - the biggest news of all...

Seriously - these are only a few of the great recent entries - check out Paul's blog.

Update: And this is our 100th post on our blog. Pretty cool...

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  1. Hey Yag,

    Wow, I can see that must be some mighty powerful flu medication you are on 😉

    Still, it would make a good T "YAG said I am worth listenign to" <bgd&rrrrr>

    Hey, cheer up over your flu. It could be worse. I sometimes travel heaps, and seems travel and coming into contact with new germs comes hand in hand. But what don’t kill ya makes you stronger.

    When travelling long distances on plane, you know what’s worse than having the flu ?

    ulf eht htiw enoemos ot txen gnittiS

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